Dj Thumbprint will be spinning some tunes on Vibes and Stuff Radio this Saturday 7/17.  Show starts at 2pm til 6pm.

This show focuses on good music on diff genres, and the djs serve an array of flavorful blends and selections.  All you need is a computer!

Vibes and Stuff on Ustream

From Vibes and Stuff Radio:

Vibes and Stuff Radio is a show rooted in music therapy consisting of funky, soulful, organic, and global sounds delivered to the listener at 33 and 45 RPM’s.

With your host and guide, Dj Concise, alongside Idea, Dj Enzo, Wella & Joplin, be prepared to be taken on a 4 hour journey of eclectic selections, sounds and rhythm language.

Vibes and Stuff Radio feat Dj Thumbprint on FB

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