Off the top, I am familiar with Roy Ayers because of the track ‘Searchin..’ (and Pete Rock..haha)..we’re all aware of these musicians (jazz artists etc..) from our favorite go to Hiphop, Boom Bap (due to the samples used) songs back in the 90s (well early 2000′s as well). So without further ado…

Roy Ayers Project:

Featuring (In Order of Appearance):

Rich Medina (DJ/Producer)
LA Jay (Producer)
John B. Williams (Bassist for Roy Ayers in Early 70′s) (Overlay)
Questlove (Percussionist/DJ/Producer) (Overlaid)
DJ Premier (Producer/DJ)
Stalley & Curren$y (Right to Left) (Emcees) (Overlaid)
Ski Beatz (Producer)
DJ Center (DJ/Producer) (Overlaid)
Andre Torres (Founder of WaxPoetics)
Houseshoes (DJ/Producer)
John B. Williams
Ndugu Chancler (Percussionist/Professor)

Production Credits:
Producer: Haylow Overby

Director: Haylow Overby, Ariel Nuñez

Camera: Ariel Nuñez, Tony Ng

Editor: Ariel Nunez
Sound Mixer: Lalo Guzmán

, Ariel Nunez
PA: Michael Austin, Juan Amador

Motion Graphics: Aries Nuñez

Music: Tall Black Guy 

Special thanks to Derreck Johnson and Ndugu Chancler