Ah yes.. Norm Rocwell comes with it!

It’s definitely difficult to do a multi genre mix. We love doin that here. Norm Rocwell puts together a mix that flows well and real smooth. This was released for Valentine’s day 2012 but to us I think LOVEis more than a commercialized day so play this on any day and every way.

From his words:

Made for and inspired by my lady. This is a taste of what LOVEis… Although this will probably be lost in the vast sea of mixes dropping today, i do hope that this finds it’s way to you. I wanted to make something she could listen to every day and not just today. I mean after all, LOVEis… not just one day. LOVEis… all year round. Most of all, LOVEis… what you make it… and in this case, SHORT and SWEET. Sorry, but rest of the mix is for her ears only today. Happy Valentine’s Day! Share this, if you like it…

AND “LIKE” it if do as well… you don’t have to but it would be nice hahaha.